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FIRE Physical Therapy is not your traditional physical therapy. It is a one-on-one practice geared toward focusing on the individual, unique, and specific needs of each client through a hands on approach.

Intervention focuses on improving performance, quality of life, and the rehabilitation process through a functional, intentional, restorative, and empowering mixture of treatment philosophy and techniques.

Whether you are someone suffering from chronic pain, a runner wanting to shave time off your personal record, a Crossfitter wanting to lift smarter, or you simply desire to sit at your work station without being distracted by neck or back pain, a customized plan of care is available.

services & intervention

During the first visit at FIRE Physical Therapy, a customized plan of care will be developed by a Doctor of Physical Therapy based on a thorough interview and total body screen/assessment.

Along with planning, treatment is carried out and “homework” is assigned so the restorative process continues beyond the treatment session.

One of the many goals for therapy is to educate each patient/client in self-management of their body so there is a sense of autonomy and empowerment. If a desire focus area or condition is not listed, simply inquire about treatment options.

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